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"This site is a place for connection between you, the sculptures of feminine energies seen on these pages, and me, as the artist who brings them into form. When you visit each image, I invite you to see through the eyes of your heart and linger there for a time. Feel the deeply unique qualities each sculpture embodies. Connect with your own inner sense of those qualities and receive the gifts they offer."
— Faye Bates
When people ask me
what I do, one part of my answer is that I'm a sculptor who works in bronze. The more exciting part is that, as a sculptor, I get to do something really extraordinary. Presently, I have the honor and joy of allowing a series of divine feminine energies to come through me into physical form.
A group of twelve
feminine energies is coming through me. The first to come in was Blessing Woman, purely from inspiration, without a mental image or drawn sketch for reference. Intuitively molding the clay, I simply allowed her intention to come through.
Somehow I knew
that it was her choice to appear in form. All I had to do was apply the materials, use the tools and allow her to flow into clay without inserting my own mental constructs of what, who or why. This unobstructed process allowed her to manifest fully as who she is.
I became clear
that Blessing Woman had a divine purpose--to bless and assist us in our process of transformation. I also became aware that the eleven other divine energies that will join her have an equally powerful purpose for coming into form. Each of them would offer their unique gifts to us in these times of great expansion - uplifting all of nature, including our beloved mother earth.
Art is a language
of the heart and, throughout time, its powerful qualities have served to uplift and transform us. Be in your heart now and quietly listen. Feel the gifts these divine women bring. They are here, coming into form, physically, tangibly available to assist us. Many people have shared their heartfelt experiences of deep connection, receiving a message, a vision or blessing.
To know the presence
and co-creative process of Spirit now coming through me in this way is a delight, a wonder and a true gift. In turn, the desire of these energies to appear in physical form with the intention to assist us through their transformational power is a gift to the world.
And so I continue
to create, holding space for this magical co-creative process. From the oneness that we are these creations respond to our call for expanded knowing, greater self-love and self-empowerment. I invite you to open and receive the timeless counsel they bring to grace our journey.
Light Dancer Art
Inspired from the heart
Transformational in its power

Counsel of Twelve Presently I'm bringing forth the sculpture series Counsel of Twelve. It embodies twelve divine feminine energies that want to help humanity by awakening particular attributes of our nature more fully in each of us, attributes that are much needed at this time of rapid, remarkable shift and evolution.
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